Year 5 and 6 Visit Hampton Court Palace

When we arrived at Hampton Court, in London, we first came to Anne Boleyn’s Gateway. There was a great, sweeping staircase leading to Henry VIII’s quarters and there was a massive Tudor Rose on the ceiling. We went up the stairs to and we came to the Great Hall. It was a grand place in which 600 courtiers ate twice a day. The King and Queen topped the magnificent room, with antler belonging to lots of deer and grand tapestries hanging on the walls. By night, the Hall was gloomy, grey and an uncomfortable dormitory for the servants. (by Libby)
In the Great Watching Chamber, there was a mirror to help have a look for Jane Seymour’s crest (a phoenix rising from a castle) on the ceiling. After that, we went into the Procession Route, where we saw a painting of King Henry VIII as a child. (by Sid)
We came outside and it had a really interesting astronomical clock that could tell you the hour, day, month, year and even tell you if the tide was in or out! Once we got inside again, we ended up in the kitchens, which had a projector above some cutting boards so you could see what it was like when a cook was cutting and mixing up the meat. If you looked up the chimney, all you could see was blook soot. Before going back, we had a little wander about the kitchen gardens and we saw loads of apples and lavender. There was even some rhubarb growing in pots. (by India)