Year 5 and 6 Sailing

Year 5: It was a bit grey and windy, but the Monday made for perfect sailing weather, when Year 5 set out to Farmoor Reservoir. Everyone got their wetsuits on and had a go at rigging the boats – with a few speed challenges thrown in – and then they set sail across the water. Even though a few were a bit nervous, they quickly got the idea of it and realised that they weren’t going to capsize! They did some big figures of eight and learned to change direction. At the end, the highlight was leaping off the pontoon into the water, which they hugely enjoyed.

Year 6: Year 6 had the best of the weather for sailing and turned up beaming from ear to ear, ready to throw themselves into any adventure or challenge. They played tag (throwing the ball from boat to boat) and a few dived in to retrieve it when it went awry. After a couple of dry games, to warm up, someone even got to have a go at steering the speedboat! In the afternoon, the children unfurled their sails and did a brilliant job of working together around the course, demonstrating all of the skills they had learned. There were plenty more smiles and lots of laughter jumping off the pontoon!