Year 3 and 4 visit the Earth Trust

The children have written about what they enjoyed most about the visit.


When I was building my shelter, I thought in my head that this was the favourite part of the trip. When I am older I’d like to visit the Earth Trust again. I learnt that in the Iron Age it would be a lot harder to light a fire than in modern days.                              Dylan


My favourite part was building dens. I enjoyed building them because we had to work together. I learnt lots but one of them is that the Celts were naked and they had blue paint and wee on them! I was surprised how steep the hill forts were. I would like to find out how they got the top of the hill fort so flat.                                            Rosie


I really enjoyed making the clay pots. I wish I could go back again. I learnt a lot about the Iron age. For example, I learnt that the Celts used wee and a type of plant to make blue paint to cover themselves in. They would then strip all of their clothes off to scare away the Romans!                                 Lola


I learnt that people didn’t live in hillforts because there was no room for the crops. When I got to the top of the hill, there was a great big view of everything.                    Rose