Year 3/4 visit to Buscot and Coleshill Estate

On Monday 20th March, Year 3 and 4 went to a dairy farm and an arable farm.

When we arrived at the dairy farm, we all went to the stables to see the female calves (they were 17 months old). They had food that was made of grass and clover. They came up to us through the metal bars that were connected to the shed. Then we went to see the male cows that were also kept inside a shed with metal bars, though most of them stayed away from us.

Afterwards our guide said we could go to the main field to see the milking cows. Did you know that female cows have to have a calf before they can milk? Some of them licked us or sniffed us as a sort of greeting! After seeing the milking cows, we walked a little while until we came to stacks of hay. Liza (our guide) next took us to the place where the cows get milked. There was a machine which had 4 lined cups that sucked the cows teats very gently. That is how they get milked. We were allowed to put our fingers in the machine while it was working and it sucked and then stopped. It did this repeatedly!

Next we were allowed to go on a real tractor to see what it was like. Then we lined up to get hand sanitizer so our hands were a little cleaner. After we got onto the bus and drove to Coleshill Organics. Liza lead us to a little building where we were allowed to eat our lunch. We walked a little way to the arable farm and on the way we were allowed to taste some wild garlic. When we got there we were split into groups and went around the farm. All the grounds used to belong to a 3-storey house with 30 people working in the grounds.

First we went to the greenhouse to look at the plants that were growing there. Next we went to a polytunnel where there were other things growing. Being an organic farm, they didn’t use any chemicals so it was slightly harder to keep pests and diseases away. They used black sheets with holes to help. Then we went to the place where all the fruit were kept for the orders. Finally we went to the shop with fruits and vegetables that were grown at the farm. We were allowed to eat a piece of apple then we had to go back home. The trip was so fun and we had great fun.