Year 3/4 visit Oxford

We started at the Natural History Museum, which was huge. We walked through a mysterious corridor with dinosaur skeletons and rocks. We then went through a door and straight into the Pitt Rivers Museum. Our tour guide, Becka, told us what would be in the museum clothes, weapons, headdresses, food and statues. Then we went upstairs and played a little game. There were eight Mayan objects… a jade earring, a calendar, a colourful shirt, a statue, a book, a picture showing people playing ball game, a maize grinder and a hot chocolate maker *yum yum*. Then we went downstairs and saw some pots with Mayan illustrations, some weapons and maize grinders. Just before lunch, we looked at more weapons, clothes and jewellery.

After lunch we went on a tour of Oxford. We saw the Bodleian Library, lots of Colleges, Christ Church Cathedral and the Sheldonian Theatre, which was on Broad street. We went through the Covered Market and saw lots of shops. We came out and walked back to Ashmolean Museum and got loaded back on the bus and back to school. (written by Fleur)