Year 3/4 visit Chedworth Roman Villa

On Wednesday 28th June we went to Chedworth Roman Villa which is near Cirencester. When we arrived, we went to to the school room to dump our bags. Next we went with our guide, Amy, to the latrine (bathroom) and were told that instead of using toilet roll, Romans would use a sponge on the end of a stick which everyone would share! Yuck!

After that we went into a building and saw one of the longest mosaic corridors in England. Next we went into the dining room. We learnt that in Roman times, children weren’t allowed into dining rooms and that it was polite to burp because it showed you liked your meal. We also saw the baths. Did you know people would cover themselves in oil and scrape it off to clean themselves? If the person was famous, the oil and sweat would be bottled and sold to women as hair gel! Theo