Year 3/4 Earth Trust Visit: The Iron Age at Wittenham Clumps

We had a great day at Earth Trust and here is what we did…

First we were greeted by one of the staff called David and then we walked across a road to the brown gate. Next we saw some cows. They were friendly but if they were frightened they could be harmful. After that we went on the path for quite some time before we came to the hill fort. We were allowed to choose whether we were an intruder or a local. If you were a local then you would take the easy path but if you were an intruder then you would take the hard path.

Fun fact: The Iron age people would be naked and they would have blue on the face but to make it blue they would put wee on. So they would be attacking you while they were smelling like wee. Soon after he told us some facts about the hill fort we went to a cool place to do den-building. We were put in groups to make dens. The point was that we were to make a shelter that would not make rain come through. For every one there was at least 1 way for the rain to get in. After that we were told to collect sticks so we could make a fire after lunch. So then we were given things that we could light a fire.Then we went to the big fire to toast marshmallows. Mine was very gooey and crispy! Soon we had to stop to get to the coach on time. After we got one the coach we waved at David and said goodbye. Then we went home.  

Written by Jessica