Year 2 Sleepover at Hill End

The Year 2s arrived at Hill End full of excitement at the prospect of a night away from their parents. Upon arrival at our dormitory we explored and settled in, before enjoying a delicious barbecue. Our evening activities, led by Barbara allowed the children to engage in team building and problem-solving activities. The children worked thoughtfully and with enthusiasm. We returned to our dorm. No smores sadly due to camp fire restrictions, but we did enjoy a soothing story in an idyllic setting.
The children settled well and for those who spent the first night away from parents- very well done. Everyone was brave and the teachers were grateful for this. A peaceful rest was enjoyed by all.
Cor- what a sumptuous breakfast al fresco with our friends! Once we had packed our belongings, we were ready for a morning of den building and bug identification in Bean Woods. We were ably assisted by Susie, whose patience and knowledge enhanced the experience.
Parachute activities concluded our amazing adventure. We hope the children have made lasting memories!