Reception visit Science Oxford

On Friday 16th June, Reception went off to Science Oxford in Headington. As soon as we got there, we were welcomed by Daniel who talked to us about the properties of liquids. We put on some waterproof aprons and went out to explore the Water Zone. There was so much to do! We built boats from Duplo, we fished out fish and ducks with our nets, we made dams, we created water slides, we watched the water tornado, we explored the capacity of different containers….it was amazing! Best of all we worked together as a team. We encouraged each other, we suggested alternatives, we helped one another, and we laughed lots. Daniel said he was very impressed by the way the children cooperated and were so kind.

Next was the Explorer Zone! Lots of hands-on activities for us to investigate, this time with Alicia. Which was your favourite? So difficult to choose!

After lunch we had our “Wow to Wonder” show. We played Odd One Out and “What’s the Difference between Mrs Gehin and a Toy Penguin Teddy?” (Mrs Gehin doesn’t have a beak and wears a ring, in case you were wondering!) Finally, Emily showed us an amazing experiment with citric acid and baking soda…the second time she did it it made us jump!

What a fabulous day we had. As someone said on the minibus on the way back, “When can we go back?”