Year 1 and 2 Greenpeace Cafe

This term the Big Question in Key Stage One has been ‘Should We Look After Our Planet?’. It has been a resounding ‘YES’ from all of our children, each giving valid reasons for their responses. Our writing experiences linked to this Big Question was based around ‘Dear Greenpeace’ by Simon James. In this unit of work the children learnt about writing informal and formal letters. Of course, we were inspired to write to Greenpeace, expressing our concerns about the planet. We were thrilled when we received a response from Greenpeace, calling us ‘environmental superstars’.
The children showed that they took their concerns for the planet seriously and wanted to help by raising money for Greenpeace. We used our DT project of food technology to organise and run a cafe. The children used their skills effectively to bake sweet treats, then write invitations to their parents to attend the cafe. In addition to this they created delightful menu cards, thought provoking posters. Gardening Club took a lead in arranging flowers to decorate the tables in our cafe, aptly named ‘Go Go Greenpeace Cafe’.
The children welcomed their parents and carers with great enthusiasm and pride and were fantastic hosts. They then entertained them by showcasing their classrooms and their learning this term by showing their customers around their classrooms.
The staff team are so proud of the manner in which the children conducted themselves throughout this project. We are also humbled and grateful to the parents for helping us raise £228 which we will send on to the charity.