Year 1/2 Welly Wednesday

Our spirits for the first Year 1 and 2 Welly Wednesday of this academic year were not dampened by the weather, although the rain did change plans for the day somewhat. However, this certainly was not at a detriment to the learning and enjoyment opportunities experienced by the children.

We started our day with a jolly walk to Peagle Woods, where we assessed the area for safety and became familiar with our site. Following this we played some active phonics games that warmed us up! Then we revised our knowledge of comparing numbers and in teams created effective number sentences, which we then captured using iPads. The children worked well at different levels and everyone showed their understanding in this practical session.

As a class we learnt how to build a safe and sturdy den, then worked with our friends to create dens for our woodland toys. I was proud of how resourceful the children were and how they worked collaboratively with each other. The majority of the children not only focused on structure, but also insulation, camouflage and aesthetics. They were all pleased with their achievements.

The afternoon brought music with Miss Sharlie, followed by Run A Mile and outdoor games skills.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was experienced by all. We look forward to our next Welly Wednesday!