Wheelie Wednesday

This term Red Kites were thrilled to have James Lloyd, a former pupil of Combe PS, visit us for a ‘Wheelie Wednesday’. James is an experienced rider who has proudly represented the UK in European bike racing championships. James showed off a selection of bikes for different events; a time trial, mountain, dirt jump, road and BMX.

Why do some bikes not have any breaks? Why is the seat on this bike set very low? Why are the pedals on this bike spikey? Why can’t we pull off James special bike shoes from the pedals? James fielded all these very important questions and more!

The children heard about why James would never ride a bike without a helmet and why they should do the same. After a look at bikes, medals and sports jerseys James treated the class to a very skilful display of jumping hurdles and bunny hops. We finished off with the children enjoying a few laps of the playground with James on their own set of wheels! Thank you James for joining us on Wheelie Wednesday. It was fun!