Visit to the British Motor Museum

Red Kites Class and Kingfisher Class had the pleasure of visiting the British Motor Museum in Gaydon as part of their CCC learning. Our Big Question focus this term is ‘Why Is Movement A Must?’ and this fantastic hands-

on experience certainly enhanced our knowledge. Working in year groups, we experienced a bus that was 98 years old. Did you know that buses 100 years ago were made out of wood and the speed limit was 20mph? Just as well really, as the hard rubber tyres would have meant it was a bumpy journey along uneven roads! We also experienced the first car ever invented by Karl Benz. We were amazed to learn that it was indeed a car and used our investigative skills to spot the many differences when compared to a modern-day car. Of course, 100 years ago cars were open to the elements and we were delighted to experience some of the clothing that was necessary to enjoy the journey. Finally, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a session exploring the museum and the many different vehicles that it prizes.

A wonderful and informative day was had by all.

‘I really loved it because I have learnt so much… much more than other trips’ TC

‘I just could explore forever. I don’t want to leave’ RM

‘When are we coming back?’ JM

‘I am full of new facts!’ BG