Swallows Class visit Blenheim Palace

On a frosty, wet morning in spring (more like winter), Swallows Class arrived at Blenheim Palace. We took a tour of the stunning palace, we all learnt loads about the tapestries, portraits and towering statues and enjoyed exploring where Winston Churchill was born. Winston Churchill and the Duke of Marlborough played a big part in the palace’s history. We all loved taking pictures inspired by Ansel Adams of the beautiful architecture.

by Sophie

On a grey, misty, drizzling day, Swallows Class (Y5/6) hopped on a bus and took a journey to Blenheim Palace. At the palace, we arrived and had an exciting tour where we learned lots of incredible facts about the 1st Duke of Marlborough – John Churchill – and Winston Churchill, whilst exploring the intricate details of Blenheim Palace.

After the tour, we all fought the rough weather and took some lovely photos of the palace and the lake.

by Sasha


On the 22nd of January 2020, on a rainy drizzly day, Swallows class visited Blenheim palace. Firstly, we had a tour of the house and learnt about the history of it and who lived in it. We learnt that the Duke Of Marlborough lives there in the winter, then moves out in the summer to somewhere else. We learnt a lot about Winston Churchill and how he was born at Blenheim Palace, and not in London, where he was supposed to be born. Then, we went through the long library and learnt about how one of the old school boys went into the organ, took one of the pipes out and then sent it back, many years later, in a package to the palace!

by Finlay D