Science Oxford Workshops

We’ve had a brilliant day of science workshops today. Year 1 and 2 watched an interactive show, where they were challenged to think about the range of different animals and why there might be so many.  They imagined themselves as the silent-but-deadly nocturnal predator, the owl, and considered what animals need to survive in their own habitat.

Pheasant Class used custom made, 3D printed kits to design, build and test water wheels, developing several scientific skills including asking questions, collecting data, observing and drawing conclusions.

Swallows Class had a fun introduction to the text-based coding language Python and developed valuable engineering skills, communication skills, team work and resilience. They learnt how to use a BBC micro:bit to control a robot buggy and explored the importance of testing and improving their designs. They wrote algorithms so that their buggy could follow a maze and recorded its progress using a pen attachment – creating some amazing robotic artwork!