Science Oxford Workshops

Red Kites and Kingfishers

We were excited upon arrival at school with the prospect of the Science Oxford workshop. The theme for Reception and Key Stage One matched our learning in CCC about humans and other animals perfectly. Ian took us on a journey through classification of animals, food chains and our senses, using practical observations to emphasise the learning. Everyone learnt something new… did you know that cat’s whiskers have touch receptors, and when they are hunting their whiskers push forwards in order to feel out their prey? Fascinating!


On Wednesday 8th of February 2023 we did a super fun science workshop. When we entered the room, we were greeted with multiple contraptions including kazoos, rubber bands stretched tightly over plastic or wooden tubs and a metal tube with holes in the top (we all wondered what it was). We could have a go on the things! After that was over, the visitor did a show where he played some interesting sounds to see if we could work out what made them. Some sounds he made were bees, a lion, a plane taking off and lots of others. At the end of the show, he played a song with a tube that had holes in the top, he blasted music into the tube and flames made sound waves. Following that, he showed us helium that was in a balloon, he breathed it in, his voice turned very high pitched from the helium. We all had so much fun.  Ben G


Swallows Class are learning about evolution this term and they were eager to get stuck into this amazing workshop. First, the children followed in Darwin’s footsteps, learning about his finches and how they are specially adapted for their unique habitat. After this, it was time for them to discover the adaptations, and limitations, of BBQ Duck (with tongs for a beak), Sucky Duck (a straw for a beak), Choppy Duck (a beak made of chopsticks) or Scoopy Duck (a spoon). In a brilliant challenge, the children finally conducted an experiment, recording whether Tiny, Small, Medium or Large -beaked birds would survive and reproduce the best. It was a frantic few minutes of picking up a variety of beans with bulldog clips and they conclusively proved which ones would become extinct and which would take over the islands! It was a superb morning, highly enjoyed by everyone.