At Combe CE Primary School, we want pupils to be religious scholars who have:

  • An outstanding level of religious understanding and knowledge
  • A thorough engagement with a range of ultimate questions about the meaning and significance of existence
  • The ability to ask significant and highly reflective questions about religion and demonstrate an excellent understanding of issues related to the nature, truth and value of religion
  • A strong understanding of how the beliefs, values, practices and ways of life within any religion cohere together
  • Exceptional independence; the ability to think for themselves and take the initiative in, for example, asking questions, carrying out investigations, evaluating ideas and working constructively with others
  • Significant levels of originality, imagination or creativity, which are shown in their responses to their learning in RE
  • The ability to link the study of religion and belief to personal reflections on meaning and purpose
  • A wide knowledge and deep understanding across a wide range of religions and beliefs

At Combe CE School, the Christianity aspect of RE is taught from the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education resources. The RE follows the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus. Our long term plan is below:

  Autumn Spring Summer
FS  Incarnation 

F2 Why do Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas? 

Festivals (Succot, Harvest, Hanukah, Diwali) 


F3 Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter Garden? 

New Life. Belonging. Family (Lunar New Year) 


F1 Why is the word ‘God’ so important to Christians 

Other faith creation stories 

Year 1/2          A  Incarnation 

Why does Christmas matter to Christians? 

What does the Torah mean to Jewish people?



Why does Easter matter to Christians? 

In what ways is the synagogue important to Jews? 


Who made the World? 

What are the reasons for following a leader? 

Year 1/2  


What do different Jewish people believe about God? 

Is light a good symbol for Celebration? (Jewish, Christian, Hindu Festivals of Light) 

How and why is Shabbat important to some Jewish people in Britain? 

What is the good news that Jesus brings? 

How do people know how to behave?  

What do Christians believe God is like? 

Year  3/4          A  What is it like to follow God?  

How do Hindu’s understand God (Brahman)?

What kind of World did Jesus want? 

What role does worship play in the life of a Hindu? 

When Jesus left what was the Impact of Pentecost? 

How and why do people argue that some places are spiritual?

Year 3/4  


What is the Trinity? 

What do Muslims believe about God and where did Islam start? 

Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?

What is the Qur’an and why do many Muslims try to learn it by heart?

What do Christians learn from the Creation story?

Does it matter if a story is true or not?

Year 5/6  


What does it mean if God is holy and loving?

What is the significance of Karma and Moksha for a hindu?

What did Jesus do to save human beings? 

What might a Hindu gain from a pilgrimage to India? 

Creation and Science 

How does a worldview help people decide what is important?

Year 5/6  


What would Jesus do? 

Why is it important to Muslims that Muhammad is known as the seal of the prophets?

What difference does the resurrection make for Christians? 

How far does the mosque contribute to the Muslim concept of Ummah?


What kind of king is Jesus? 

What does it mean to live a good life?



Our RE Policy can be found here.