Reception visit Science Oxford

On Friday 14th June Reception set off in a minibus to Science Oxford. It wasn’t the warmest of days but we managed to avoid the rain and Daniel talked to us about the properties of water and how it could change its shape. We headed out to the Water Zone to explore and loved making dams in the huge water tray. we explored the capacity of different containers…it was amazing! Best of all we worked together as a team. We encouraged each other, we suggested alternatives, we helped one another, we even made a water tornado! We had to work together to turn on the water taps and control the amount of water coming through and took it in turns to use the pipettes and funnels.

After a drink and a snack, we moved into the Explorer Zone where there was so much to investigate! After lunch we had our “Wow to Wonder” Show. We played Odd One Out and “What’s the Difference between Mrs Martin and a Toy Penguin Teddy?” (Mrs Martin doesn’t have a beak or a tail, in case you were wondering!) Finally, Emily showed us an amazing experiment with citric acid and baking soda…the second time she did it the bag exploded and made us jump! What a fabulous day we had. As someone said on the minibus on the way back, “I think I’ll come back for my birthday!”