Pirate Day!

AAAAAAAARGH mi ‘earties! It be Pirate Day at Combe Primary School! The children in Red Kites and Kingfishers Classes enjoyed a day dressed as pirates, engaging in roleplay activities that were all pirate based. Part of this included building our own pirate names. All ye sea scurvies were welcome aboard Captain Peg Leg Legge’s Ship for the day!
The children had previously designed a pirate glove puppet, and worked diligently to sew their puppets this morning. Huge thanks to Sharon W and Sarah P for their patience and expertise. Then in the afternoon the children worked enthusiastically to use their designs to make their glove puppet into a pirate. Excellent perseverance and enjoyment was experienced by all.
All children engaged in a treasure hunt of mystical clues that took them around the school… only for the yummy treasure to be hidden in the classroom…
A fun packed day was enjoyed by all, adults included!