Peter Rabbit Experience at Blenheim

Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a magical adventure into the world of Peter Rabbit. Set against the wonderful backdrop of Blenheim Palace’s walled garden, the children followed the exuberant Beatrix Potter to help her look for Peter and write her story.
Beatrix kept us on our toes following her through the many twists and turns for Peter’s favourite purple carrots and secret keys whilst avoiding the glare of Mr McGregor.
Back at school, we continued our Peter Rabbit themed learning. Thank you to Joanna, Ursula’s mum for donating some of her allotment produce for the children to create their own Mr McGregor’s garden on the tuff spot. Children enjoyed role play in various characters, making play dough carrots and our Bunny ears plant was put to good use too!
This was a good example of an enjoyable school trip inspiring the children’s ideas for further work in our outdoor classroom.