We are part of a vibrant village community. We aim to help individuals develop a lifelong love of learning in a fun, ambitious and creative environment. Guided by our values, we build healthy and respectful relationships and celebrate differences. We are all committed to making ethical choices and playing our part in building a sustainable future.


Our vision is theologically rooted through the example of Saint Laurence, who the local church in Combe is named after. Laurence- or Lorenzo as he would have been known- went from Spain to Rome and was ordained there by Pope Sixtus, as a Deacon, and later was made “archdeacon of Rome”, the first among the seven deacons who served in the cathedral church in Rome. It is thought that, as a deacon around 250 AD, Laurence found himself subject to orders from Rome to deliver them the riches and valuables of his church. He had three days in which to complete the task. During those three days he gathered up all the church treasures he could find and distributed them to the poor so that the authorities would get nothing. On the third day he presented himself to the prefect who demanded the handing over of the riches. Laurence turned about him and pointed to the poor, sick and lame and declared that they were the true riches of the church. Because of this, it is said that the prefect ordered that Laurence was punished. Saint Laurence’s behaviour celebrates the differences within his community and sets an example of making ethical choices.


We also use the parable of the good Samaritan from Luke 10: 30-35 to underpin our school vision. The parable demonstrates compassion, celebrates differences and ethical choices. You can watch the story here:



Alongside our vision, are our school values. They were selected by all stakeholders – children, teachers, parents, governors and the wider community.

COMMUNITY is at the heart of everything Combe CE Primary School stands for – all are needed and important.  The buildings are in the centre of the village and were founded to serve the local children in the 1860s.  The school has strong links with the church of St Laurence, the ‘reading room’ and local enterprises. The children are actively involved in playing a part in the wider community around the world, through our broad and balanced curriculum, using curiosity and creativity to challenge the world in which we live. The children organise and run events throughout the year to raise money for charities that they select themselves.

COMPASSION is a value that we strive to uphold. Saint Laurence exemplified compassion when he suffered for the needy. Jesus taught us about compassion when telling the story of the Good Samaritan who showed compassion by helping the traveller. Our children are aware of their fortunes and the school endeavours to foster a culture of compassion with respect, honesty and humility.

COURAGE is a value that we model and employ. Saint Laurence exemplified courage when he disobeyed the authorities to help and show generosity towards people who had less money, disabilities and were unwell.