Old cars come to Combe!

Kingfishers and Red Kites were lucky enough to be able to explore two vintage cars in school on Thursday afternoon.  Their topic this term is ‘Why is movement a must?’ and the focus is on vehicles and how they have changed over the years.  The delightful Ken brought his 99 year old ‘Lagonda’ for the children to explore and was full of knowledge and anecdotes which he happily shared with the children. We discovered the Lagonda had belonged to his parents when he was a child and had recently taken Ken and his partner as far as France!
The second car the children were lucky to see was an iconic 1966 VW beetle which was driven in by the lovely Mrs Martin’s husband, Phil. Phil was also a mine of information which he shared and demonstrated with very engaged children.
The new knowledge gained from this experience will be incredibly useful as the children continue to explore how vehicles have changed over time.
Our thanks again to both Ken and Phil!