Millets Farm Falconry Centre

Kingfishers and Red Kites began the day with a positive attitude- there’s no such thing as bad weather. Just bad clothing. However, we were blessed with a dry day, despite the torrential rain at the beginning of the day. During our visit to Millets falconry Centre we were filled with knowledge about a host of owls by the keeper, Ben. Did you know that it is just the tawny owl that says twit (female) twoo (male) and that there are 248 different owl calls? The large variety of owls were on good form and called to us as we passed by. To our delight, the barn owl was incredibly pleased to greet us with screeches.
Following a leisurely lunch and playtime, we were delighted to witness a flight demonstration. The carnivorous birds of prey were encouraged to fly over our heads and again, the keepers filled us with many interesting facts. This fascinating display was most certainly an ‘awe and wonder’ moment.

Thank you to Millets Falconry Centre for an interesting and inspiring day off site.