“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with tremendous spirit off adventure and love of play.” Henri Matisse


Combe CE Primary School is committed to meeting the requirements of the primary National Curriculum. In addition, we want children to engage with and invest in their learning. We are developing our curriculum ethos based around ‘Curiosity, Creativity, Challenge and Compassion’ (4Cs).


Each block of work is based around a ‘Big Question’, which is an inquiry question designed to spark children’s curiosity and engage children in in depth thinking about the past, present and future of our planet.


We work hard to plan units of work which allow our pupils to learn creatively and to be able to apply their knowledge in unfamiliar contexts, showing fluency. Where possible we love to take our learning into the outdoor environment, either on our school grounds, our local Forest School site or further afield. Reading lies at the heart of our curriculum and we aim to support our learning with high quality books.


The curriculum is designed to challenge the children’s preconceptions, limits and comfort zones. We have high aspirations of all pupils, whatever their background or ability, and have designed our curriculum to challenge everyone.


One of our school values is compassion so our curriculum is designed to develop care and compassion for others humans, creatures and our world. We focus on how to live sustainable lives and challenge ourselves to think about how to make ethical choices to sustain our planet for future generations.


Curriculum Overview

Our new curriculum overview is now complete. You can view it below:

Whole School Curriculum- New overview


Our Autumn Term ‘Big Questions’ are:


Fortnightly questions will be based around pupils’ interests


Year 1 and 2


Topic will include: The Great Fire of London, Light and Dark, Nocturnal Animals, Space

Key texts: Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?’ Matin Waddell; ‘Field Trip to the Moon’, John Hare; ‘Rocketmole’, Matt Carr; ‘Laika the Astronaut’, Owen Davey; ‘Dogs in Space’, Vix Southgate; Look Up!, Nathan Bryon; Once Upon a Star, James Carter; The Big Beyond, James Carter

Visit: Planetarium

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Click here for the topic specific vocabulary we are learning this term


Year 3 and 4


Topic will include: World War II, Moral Dilemmas, Martin Luther King, Predators and Prey (Food Chains), Animals, Adaptation

Key texts: The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and I Was There 1066 by Jim Eldridge

Visit: National Trust Hughenden

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Year 5 and 6


Topic will include: Earth, Space, Forces, Light, Counties, Maps, Atlases, Mountains, Ethical Water Usage, Caring for the Planet

Key texts: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman and The Call of the Wild by Jack London.

Visit: National Space Centre, Leicester

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Curriculum Calendar

Click here to see our curriculum calendar which shows the themed days and themed weeks which we will participate in during the 2019-2020 year.