Hazel Supports, Beans & Companion Planting

Alan and Caroline joined Green Club this week to demonstrate how to put up a stable support using Hazel sticks for veg which like to climb.
This raised bed is now ready to receive Kingfishers runner beans, marigolds and nasturtiums. This is a lovely example of companion planting. The brightly coloured flowers will aim to attract the aphids which would otherwise nibble their way through the crop.
In the future we are aiming to have our own hazel supports. With this in mind Sid and Arthur have started to plant a hazel copse at the bottom of ‘Hedge of Hope’. The May Fly showed up in their hundreds, so we shall return to this job after half term!
We are looking forward to a bountiful harvest. As in previous years we hope to have edible flowers on the allotment which can be used to add cheer to our salads and drinks.