Green School Project Updates

This year, Swallows Class are taking part in the ‘Green Schools Project’, which educates pupils about ways to reduce carbon. The children have been split into groups of 5 or 6 and have been working hard developing their own carbon reducing projects.

One group held a tuck shop selling vegan cookies, cakes and flapjacks on Wednesday this week. Just after half term, another group sold delicious vegan carrot cakes. The third group made delicious banana milkshakes, satsuma juice and apple juice using leftover KS1 fruit, which they been collecting and freezing this term. What a great way to use up unwanted fruit!

A group launched ‘no waste Wednesday, where they encourage all pupils to reduce food waste at lunchtime by eating all of their food. This Wednesday, pupils were rewarded with beautifully designed stickers for eating up all their lunch.

The final group, hosted a ‘low electricity day’ today, challenging staff and pupils to avoid activities which use electricity.

Well done to all pupils involved and thank you to everyone for supporting their ideas.