Earth Class Welly Wednesday

We are most fortunate to have such inspiring grounds for our Welly Wednesdays both in and around the school site. We started our day with a tranquil walk in the sunshine to Peagle Woods, where we firstly used sticks to create our initials. Then we expertly used iPads to photograph our successes. After that, we engaged in planning and writing a magic potion for Peagle Woods, creating four part sentences using adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs. It was such an inspiring and peaceful setting for this activity. Following an exciting playtime of climbing, building and exploring, we used our creative skills to use natural objects to create pebble faces. What fun!

Our afternoon began with a fundamental skills PE lesson, which all the children engaged in with much enthusiasm. A visit to the school garden followed so we could create symmetrical patterns. Our day ended perfectly with a story in our relaxation reading area.’