Cotswolds Wildlife Park- Reception

Reception had a fabulous time at Cotswold Wildlife Park despite it being a bit chilly!

We started of by visiting the Reptile House and admiring the snakes, lizards and crocodile! Then it was off to our talk on “Exploring Animals”. We had to pass round lots of animal artefacts and think which animal they came from! Our favourites were the ostrich egg, the snake skin and the tail hair from a giraffe which felt like wire!

After lunch we made our way to the penguin enclosure (even they looked cold!) and said hello to the meerkats before walking back to the top of the Park to visit the camels (bit smelly) and then the lions. We heard the lions roaring…it was amazing! Then we walked up the ramp to see the beautiful giraffes (Mrs Gehin and Mrs McKechnie’s favourites)!

We really did have a lovely day, the children did lots of walking, we got a bit rained on but nobody minded and the children were a credit to the school.