Cotswold Wildlife Park- Year 1 and 2

Year 2
The cold temperatures and the rain showers did not dampen our spirits on our visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park today. The children enjoying exploring, learning facts about unknown animals and challenging their knowledge about animal classification and animal habitats. The Year 2 talk was led by Beth, who talked knowledgeably about animal adaptation. Did you know that when a penguin is swimming it is camouflaged from both above and below? Did you also know that meerkats have black patches around their eyes which act as sunglasses because they live in bright environments? Fascinating! We were not only fortunate enough to have playtime in the adventure playground, but we also got to witness feeding time in the lemur pen. What fun!
Year 2 behaved impeccably and were a pleasure to spend the day with.
Year 1
The Year 1’s had a lovely day during our visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park.  We had a talk from Ed, one of the Keepers, where the children eagerly showed off their knowledge of animal habitats and which classification animals such as otters and meerkats belong to. We were all surprised by how vicious some of the ‘cute’ penguins could be when Ed showed us his arms from the last time he fed them!
The children were an absolute delight to spend the day with and it was thoroughly enjoyable for all.