Our class this year is made up of group of 34 Year 3 and 4 children, who have made a good start to this academic year. The children have settled in well and it’s lovely to have them back. This term Mrs. Challender and I are ably assisted by Mrs Hill who will support and guide our learning across the week.

Our Big Question this term is ‘How has the world changed over time?’ and the children have been inspired to provide some insightful responses to this question. This CCC focus allows all pupils to develop challenging learning through a cross curricular approach that makes their learning meaningful and exciting. We are excited to be able to go to see and iron age fort with a visit to ‘Earth Trust’ and I know the children will thoroughly enjoy pretending to invade the settlement!

Please find below some information which may be helpful for yourself and child for the coming year.


A member of staff will meet your child at the school gate. The cloakroom door will be open at 8.35am and will be shut promptly at 8.45.  Any child arriving after 8.45am will have to ring the door bell to gain entry into the school and will unfortunately be marked as late in the register.

Our day finishes at 3:05pm for surnames A-MC and 3.10pm for surnames Mc to Z!  If you have made alternative arrangements for pick up at the end of the day, please contact the office so that staff are aware of who the children are going home with.


Everyday essentials

Each child should have their reading record, reading books and spelling book into school every day.

No pencil cases need to be brought from home as everything the children need is provided in the classroom. Each child has an A4 zippy wallet in class with pencil, pen, whiteboard, scissors, rubber in it so they are not sharing these.

Children should have a water bottle with them every day.  These can be filled when necessary in the sink in the classroom. Children will keep their water bottle, books etc under their tables for the day so they don’t need to move around the classroom or touch other children’s items.


Homework and spellings

Homework will be set every Wednesday.  This will usually include a written piece of work on google classroom, reading, spellings (Readiwriter) and times table practice (Times table Rockstars) as well as online Mathletics.  Homework needs to be completed by Monday morning.

Spelling tests will be on a Monday and new spellings will be brought home in their spelling book on the same day. Children will tick off which spellings they got right after I have marked them so need to bring their spelling book into class on Tuesday.



In line with the school’s homework policy, each child should be reading five times a week at home. We will collect Reading Records in on a Thursday morning and Monday morning so they can be checked. Reading records will need to be signed to show the reading has been done. The new reading records show five rows, one for each day (extra days to be recorded at the bottom of the page). Please start a new page each Monday.

Due to COVID, books will be changed with Mrs. Hill so your child can just ask when this needs to happen.



We have a reward system in place for reading and homework.  Every few weeks of homework and reading having been done, the children are able to take a treat from the tin.  This is recorded on a chart and whoever has done the most is rewarded at the end of the school year.

Reading certificates for’ nights read’ will still be given this year.



Dojo is an invaluable tool for communication between school and parents.  Each week you are able to see how many points your child has been awarded in school time and what for, as well as other important information on the class page.

Dojo is the ideal way to communicate any non urgent information.  It is checked in class during the day as teaching time allows.  If you have any more urgent information to share please contact the office by phone or message.



On PE days children will come to school in their PE kit and we will do our lesson in the afternoon so children will being going home afterwards. For the beginning of the Autumn term this will be on Thursday and we will do daily runs around the field or playground, weather permitting.



Children in the Juniors can bring their own snack to school for break time.  This must only be fresh fruit/vegetables or dried fruit.