April 2021 brought a happy return to Kingfisher Class, who have begun to make tentative steps back to ‘normality’ with grouped seating, thus allowing for an increase in effective group teaching and increased opportunities for differentiated intervention. Moreover we have succeeded in responding to the pupils’ wellbeing needs as they seem so much more content to be sharing their learning experiences with groups of friends.

Kingfisher Class expanded this term to 26 pupils with the addition of a long awaited new child in Year 1. It is wonderful to see all pupils attending lessons with huge smiles and an abundance of enthusiasm- we have most certainly ‘hit the ground running’.

This term we continue to be ably assisted by Miss Horner who is supporting and guiding our learning across the week. In addition we are joined for 6 weeks by our final placement PGCE student, Jen Mccallum. We wish her a warm welcome and she will no doubt flourish as a member of the Kingfisher Team.

Our Big Question this term is ‘Why Is Movement A Must?’ and the children have been inspired to provide some insightful responses to this question. The children were offered the opportunity to begin exploring our broad question with a visit from Mrs Motivator, who led the children through a series of physical movement experiences. Wow! She could move! Later this term we will inspire the children to learn about vehicles by hosting a ‘Favourite Transport’ session. What will you bring? Bicycle… scooter… horse…

PE afternoons continue this term and are Wednesday and Thursday. We will endeavour to teach as much of our PE curriculum outdoors, thus keeping in line with government guidance. Games skills and dance will be covered. We all look forward to the return of gymnastics sometime in the future. All children are encouraged to dress in PE kit for PE days and bring along huge smile and lots of energy!

As part of our provision, new spellings will be given every Monday with an informal assessment on the following Monday. Homework in Maths and Phonics will also be available in Google Classroom every Monday, with seven days to complete and ‘turn in’. In addition spellings can be practised using ReadiWriter. Maths skills can be consolidated using Mathletics and TTRockstars for Year 2.

Is your child continuing to read at least five times a week? The challenge is well received by the children in Kingfisher Class, and the impact of regular opportunities to read with an adult has been most positive. Of course the incentive of a special mention in weekly online celebration worship and a star on our new board in the hall which celebrate your child’s achievements is an added bonus.

Thank you for your ongoing support and hard work this academic year. Always remember to spread positivity with your kind words and warm smiles.

Mrs Legge