Welcome to all new families and welcome back to existing Kingfisher Class families. Our class this year is made up of a cheerful group of 24 Year 1s and 2s, who have made a good start to this academic year. We are ably assisted by Mrs Humphrey and Miss Walsh, so support our learning across the week. The children are settling into a routine and it is wonderful to see them all enter our classroom with large smiles and happy greetings.

Our Big Question this term is ‘Is Light Important?’ and the children have been inspired to provide some insightful responses to this wide question. Following an exciting visit into the darkness, the children have been exploring this question through story telling, writing, drama, dance, science, history and art. This CCC focus allows all pupils to develop challenging learning through a cross curricular approach that makes their learning meaningful and exciting.

An effective addition to our school year has been daily opportunities for the children to work with others in their year group. Thus fostering the need to learn in different styles that are age and stage appropriate. I know the children are enjoying the new routines in our timetables

PE days this term are Wednesdays and Thursday. Please have labelled kit in school all week. In addition to this at Combe we aim to provide our children with ample opportunities to engage in physical activity so it has been with great pleasure that we have introduced ‘Run A Mile’ on the days when PE is not taught as part of the curriculum. Therefore children should have trainers available in school at all times.

Show and tell is alternate Thursdays. Please watch out for a weekly dojo message with the fortnightly theme.