Year 3 and 4 Music Workshop

Year 3 and 4 recently enjoyed a music workshop with Jo.

The musical instruments were made from kitchen tools which tied into our topic “How can we feed 10 billion people?”.

First we practised some beats using food words like broccoli and potato. After that we added in the instruments. All the instruments were percussion.

The instruments included drums that used to have mango chutney in, saucepans that you hit with spoons, and things to scrape.

We tried it with two groups doing the same beat and that luckily worked.

Jo was joining in with a dustbin that she strapped to herself and hit with a stick.

Next we got into groups and all made a song up to the tune of the song “Just from the kitchen”.

After doing that for a while, we added the actions and showed it to the other groups.

Then it was time to perform both pieces to the parents. Sadly that was the end of our amazing day. Everyone said thank you to Jo. It had been a great day!