Year 3 and 4 Orienteering at Hill End

Years 3 and 4 went to Hill End to learn about maps and trails. Soon after we all got off the coach, we walked up to some shelters and put our bags on the picnic tables inside the shelters. Then our guide showed us some activities to do during the morning. There were two cone activities: one was where you used colour coded maps and lines to show you where to go, and the other one was where you used trickier maps to get around and add up points. The next activity was a team game where you had to match up cards from the ones that matched the map definition. The last game was where we competed to make faces using playground equipment.

We then had a little break to eat a little snack and/or play around. After our break, we walked down to a gazebo where our guide explained what our next activity was. We got maps where we had to find posts with numbers and letters so when we found them we wrote them on a piece of paper to keep track of them. After we did that, we had lunch inside for about an hour. In the afternoon, we had to go out of grown up sight and find the posts with numbers and letters on but this time we explored all of Hill End site. After we returned we went back to the coach and we went back to school. Years 3 and 4 had a brilliant time at Hill End.