Story Museum Workshops

Red Kites Class: Ethel enjoyed being a witch and Charlotte loved stirring her cauldron!

Kingfishers Class: Kingfisher Class enjoyed their Story Museum session immensely. We were stunned to hear that the Story Museum is home to 1001 stories! The children participated well in the oral storytelling and came up with inspiring ideas for shape shifters in order to develop their own stories. We loved guessing each other’s new form of animal through animated roleplay. The wicked witch cauldron games caused much hilarity, and we ended our session with a very important message- the emphasis of the power of stories and the joy that they bring to generations of storytellers.

Pheasants Class: We had a brilliant time with the lady from The Story Museum. We had great fun doing lots of Drama activities and working together to create amazing stories.

Swallows Class: We enjoyed a range of Welsh myths and legends about animal transformations. They acted out their own versions in which a whole range of people changed into dragons, hawks and even pigs! A fantastic morning was had by all.