Chedworth Roman Villa

On Tuesday 8th June Pheasants class visited Chedworth Roman Villa. The class went to the villa to learn more about Roman history. The class was split into two groups learning different facts and about interesting discoveries. Here are some of the facts we learnt:

The Villa was discovered by a ferret chasing a rabbit, but then, the ferret did not come out so, a dog went in to find the rabbit and the ferret but the dog did not come out so a man went in the hole and discovered mosaics!   Ollie G

It was the best Roman villa we had ever seen! It wasn’t just one of those small villas- it was a colossal villa. In the amazing museum they saw some ancient Roman knives and all sorts of incredible things.   Alex

When I experienced this marvelous trip, I saw a dining room they had their Gods they worshipped on the mosaic floor. The extraordinary artifacts were fascinating. Did you know they named the toilets ‘latrine’, that they didn’t have private toilets, that they would sit and chat with their sponge on a stick to wipe their bottoms!   Margot

There was a Nymphoream where they worshipped nymphs. The water for the Nympheream came from a natural spring.   Ioan

Did you know the Latin word ‘Prasina’ means ‘green’? It was the famous Green team in chariot racing in Rome!

The Romans had lots of baths including hot plunge baths and hot tubs, They also had underfloor heating that warmed up the water.   Liya

We learned that a Stokehole is a furnace for underfloor heating, that individual stone tiles were called tesserae.  Laura

Did you know guests had to walk through the kitchen to get to the toilet?!   Edward