Welcome to Jupiter Class (Reception)

Our topic this term is “Homes” and our Curiosity, Creativity and Challenge question is “What does a home look like?”

We will be discussing our houses, what they look like outside and what makes them a home. We will be comparing our homes to other homes from around the world and answering questions such as “What would it be like to live in this place?” We will be identifying similarities and differences between ways of life at different times and using globes, photographs and DVD clips as sources of information.

As part of our science work we will be finding out about plants and animals in various environments and also describing properties of materials.

Year Ones will continue their R.E learning with Earth Class this term, looking at the Big Question “Is it important to celebrate the New Year?” The children will be learning about the Jewish celebration “Rosh Hashanah”.

Reception children will be having a series of tennis lessons on a Tuesday afternoon.

Curriculum Map Year 1 Spring Term 2018/19
Curriculum Map Reception Spring Term 2018/19
Curriculum Map Year 1 Autumn Term 2018/19
Curriculum Map Reception Autumn Term 2018/19